Emma's Story

 Hi ! My Name is Emma! 

I'm 9 years old and I was just diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia and I need a bone marrow transplant.  I'm adopted , so my family isn't a perfect match for my bone marrow. Maybe you are!

I have two big brothers who I love to hang out with. Sometimes we go on movie dates ! I love to swim, practice gymnastics and play with my friends. Since my diagnosis , I haven't been able to do much of that and I am hoping to find a bone marrow donor that matches me , so I can get back to the real life of hanging with my family, dancing with my friends, playing sports, and going to school again! (but not math or cleaning my room) Please share my story and help me find my match! 

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How You Can Help


Emma is adopted so no one in our family is a match! She needs an African/American donor between 18-56 yrs old.

Currently most donors are Caucasian. We need to find Emma a Match!!! You or someone you know could save Emma's life! Please pass this on to people you know who might be a match. If you are not African/American register anyway you might save someone else! 


What You Can Do Today

Pray first and foremost. Prayer is powerful! 

Then register to see if you could be a match for Emma.  These days donating bone marrow can be as simple as giving blood. Being tested is a swab in the cheek.

Click to register. DKMS

How Do I Help If Im Not Local?

Register online.  DKMS will send you a kit. Simply swab your cheek, put the swab in the postage paid envelope. Drop in box and see if you could help Emma or someone else!! Donating can be as simple as donating blood. No travel required.

If you are the match, DKMS will cover any expenses and even any missed work time that you may incur while donating. 


 Emma’s father, Gregg is a pastor, and her mother, Alisa works in education, however, since she was diagnosed, Alisa Has had to go from working full-time to only a couple days a week. The medical bills keep piling up. There is no gift too small (or too big). Anything you can give will help. 

All gifts will go directly toward the expense of hospital stays, travel, prescriptions, the bone marrow drive and other expenses they incur on the road to saving Emma’s life.